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    Detailed Introduction to Rotating-film Deaerator Production

    Rotating-film deaerator consists of deaerator head and tank. Deaerator head is made up with shell, rotating-film unit,water perforated strainer, liquid-steam net, steam distributing plate and steam water separator. The tank contains the main body and other accessories.
    1. Shell: made up with cylinder and stamping oval end socket.
    2. Rotating-film Unit: contains the water compartment, rotating-film generating tube, condenser water collection tube, supplement water collection tube. Rotating-film generating tube, drain pipe are all made up of steel so that they can function all year without overhaul. This is the main part of the deaerator where 98% oxygen are wiped out.
    3. Water Spray Perforated Strainer: water supply from generating film and water repellent from drain pipe are redistributed here, making the water into spray so as to protect the liquid-steam net below. The space area of this unit is more than 50% of general section. It is also steel structure, that means it can function steady all year without overhaul.
    4. Filler Liquid-Steam Net: consists of flat ribbed steel separating by equal spaces and a cylinder. The inner contains two layers whose height are specially made into O shape with 0.3mm steel flat wire net. Water supply reach full mixture here with the secondary steam, and heated to saturation temperature and thoroughly deaerated.
    5. Steam Distribution Plate: main heated steam are conducted through here and regulation mean type structure can ensure well the heating quality, making the heated steam be distributed equally and then rise to heat the softened water under the circumstances of no throttle, and to deoxygenize at the saturation temperature.
    6. Steam Water Separator: inner net with steel filler, outer shell designed into ventilation structure, with both the separator can separate and back flow the watered steam 
    when deaerating, which also makes itself become a necessary component to exhaust without 
    7. Water Tank: made up with cylinder and stamping oval end socket, inside of which reinforcing rings are set up. Its foundation is installed onto a prefabrication cushion cap, one end fixed and one end to be installed with inflated body-rolling device. The tank contains overhaul manhole, safety valve socket, outfall, reboiling orifice, water seal orifice, water level indicator orifice, pressure gauge socket, thermometer socket, water supply orifice and so on.