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    Industrial Muffler

    boiler exhausting silencer

    【Product number】:TB Type series
    【Product function】:Noise control
    【Applications】:This series of silencers are mainly applied to effective silencing in the boiler steam emission in the electric power, chemical, metallurgy, mining, textile industries and so on.
    This type of silencer adopts complex most reasonable silencing principles. The high pressure steam can go into the pressure-decreasing tank after one time flow control, and sprinkling out as low pressure steam. During this process, the inner energy of the steam partly becomes the sound energy in some frequency. Though the power efficiency of it is much decreased, the noise usually still outreaches the standard due to the emission gas’ deviation from the designed value. So the idea of bi-layer structure noise-resisting cover on the pressure decreasing tank is coming out of which the left noise’s frequency spectrum characteristic is being concerned to effectively absorb the noise.