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    Other devices

    bi-axis multi-channel coarse powder separator

    【Product number】:SZCF series
    【Product function】:Coarse and fine powder separator
    【Applications】:This product widely applies to the electric power, chemical, metallurgy, spinning and mining industries.
    Coarse and fine powder separator is one of the key devices in the steel ball type middle reserved powder making system of which the performance has big influence on the running and its efficiency of the boiler. Our company research out SZCF type series new powder separator based on the abundant live test and laboratory examination. For now it’s the newest in the country. After the practical test, the merits of the separator have be shown that it has outstanding separation ability, low braize fine degrees, good modification, little resistance, high efficiency and application to large amount of wind running, so that it can improve the coal scrapper’s performance, lower the unit electricity
    consumption and in reverse to increase the boiler’s combustion efficiency.