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    Other devices

     gas-liquid flowing automatic control device

    【Product number】:QY series.
    【Product function】:automatic adjustment of water level.
    【Applications】:the product application in the electric power industry of high and low pressure heaters , continuous blowdown expanding vessel,unboiled water heater , the heat exchanger and other pressure vessle water level control , and same time for the oil.chemical and steel metallurgy and other department of the various types of containers of liquid level control.It uses the principle of gas - liquid two - phase flow to realize the automatic control of liquid level. Can improve the water temperature, coal consumption decreased significantly.
    The device has the advantages of simple structure, no maintenance, long service life, convenient management. At present, there have been a wide range of applications in the heat exchangers of different units (N6,, 12, 25, 50, 100, 125,, 300, 200, 600MW).