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         Liyuan is a high-tech power-saving company that devoted to the application and service of the electric power saving and environmental protection technology, the manufacturing and marketing of the power saving equipment, the design and construction of the power saving project. The company has abundant technical personnel and advanced manufacturing facility besides not only the wholesome modern management system of production, operation and service but also a very appropriate investment environment. The main field of power-saving technologies and productions of our company’s own intelligence copyright involve the Rubber Ball Cleaning and Its Units, Condenser Rubber Ball Cleaning Units, Rubber Balls, Second-level Filter Net, Ball Recovery Net, Rubber Ball Pump, Turbine & Boiler Auxiliary Engine, Recovery Technology of Residual Heat and Steam, Heat Pump Technology, Automatic Control and so on. The company successively carries intimate technology communications and cooperation with domestic famous scientific research institutes, universities and colleges, timely follows the track of scientific research trends, unites and absorbs a batch of professional and technical personnel of energy, metallurgy, machinery, thermodynamic and automatic control fields. Adhering to the idea that “Be a Man Surefooted, Do a Thing Dedicated”, our company gathers an increasing popularity in China’s power-saving industry due to the word of mouths based on the consensus of each project’s clients.